In 2015, the Office de la langue française du Québec added the word “locavore” to its terminology dictionary. Combining roots derived from two Latin words: locus, “place,” with vorare, “to swallow,” the word refers to a philosophy of eating food grown or produced within a radius of 160 km or less. The term and the locavore movement originated in California in 2005 before slowly making their way to Canada and Quebec

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The Coop CSUR, through its Ecolocal Market, offers you quick and easy online access to your favourite products from local producers, merchants and artisans. What could be better than making your purchases from the comfort of your home, and having fresh, unique products delivered right to your door?

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Buy local

The CSUR Ecolocal market now identifies Vaudreuil-Soulanges products! As you shop, look for the V-S logo to know which producers are located in Vaudreuil-Soulanges and which products are from here. New local products are added every week!

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Josée Nadeau talks
to Bianka Dupaul

In her latest Zoom capsule, Josée Nadeau (Sous les oliviers) talks to Bianka Dupaul about how the growing popularity of buying locally is having a positive impact on the Coop CSUR’s Ecolocal market. (In French)